Instead of “A” the rock is falling, instead of “O” the rock is falling. Instead of the sound there is pressure, instead of the note there are concrete wall, plastic bottle, bricks, smoke. The musicians of the band “ZSUF” are performing the next stage of its own art; disposing the sounds by their own ideas; compiling the rows of objectless, unexpected compositions; the stage what is consequential to their partner and coauthor of the new album – the poet Yuriy Zavadskyy. The band of experimental, psychedelic music “ZSUF” from Ternopil is famous by incredible improvisational abilities. The ones had presented successfully in the mutual performance with Yuriy Zavadskyy in the festival “L2”in Lublin, Poland in 2009. Since then the valuable common material had obtained by new angles and in result transmuted in the free music album available in

The balanced unity of ZSUF’s motives with phonetic poetry builds long expected bridge between literary art, performance, theatre, music, graphic, production of noises, screams, touches, moves, shadows. Not so far the phonetic poetry had found the listeners in Ukraine. Such poetry with huge tugs has been struggling with the “right” literature’s wall what has presented as trustful and has brought the same formulas as the classic vanguard. The phonetic units get the sense in the mouth, the ear, the palm, ones become own listeners and get the expressive feelings. The letter became the expression, the sound became the expression and the phoneme became the etalon of the expression. From where has the unobjected come? This is the main question, but the answer has bored by the simplicity. By the other side just another question appears – what independent perspective has under the merged unarticulated flow of sound hidden? There is the psychedlia of the band “ZSUF”.

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