Milo Janáč (Slovakia)

It is the story of two men addicted to alcohol, who are about to start their business in small Slovakian town. Why is it so hard to stay on the bright side of capitalism and how to find the way through the personal pshychological and financial problems? The novel does not answer, but try to suggest the ways and means, that can take part in the everyday choices. Sometimes it is a funny story of provincial barflies, but in the same time it depicts the inner conflict that every human experiences trying to build the life.

Please see the short excerpt from the novel in English translated by Jonathan Gresty.

Rights sold to Ukraine, Poland

200 pages
First published in 2018

Genre: Fiction
Language: Slovakian
Rights: Worldwide

Milo JANÁČ studied culturology at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Prešov in Prešov. During his studies, he published his first literary works in the magazines Dotyky and Nové slovo. He worked in various media (Východoslovenské noviny, SITA, the daily Pravda) and in the marketing department of the telecommunications company. After returning to his hometown, he was unemployed for a long time, then worked as a bartender. He is currently the head of the culture department at the Gelnica Municipal Office. He published short stories in Denník N and Prague A2. The book Milo nemilo is his debut.