Vasyl Makhno – DACIA 1300*

Translated from the Ukrainian by Orest Popovych

It was during Ceausescu’s rule and when old buildings were collapsing
That people of Bucharest rode in wagons drawn by cows
and only the birds circling above the countryside were free

The car was bought by his father with money paid to him monthly
by the Securitate for being an informer
At that time it was new and envied by all

That night he drove with his girl thereby providing some light to the city
because the electricity was being sold abroad
also the right of the Jews to emigrate was being exchanged for hard currency

Then everyone wanted to be a Jew in order to flee
and everyone wanted to live in Paris since everyone knew French
no worse than Tristan Tzara or Mircea Eliade

She sat beside him in tears her pregnancy had made him irritated
He asked her to light his cigarette
and then he stopped ran out of the car and with all his might kicked the tires

as round as her belly

*A Romanian car manufactured during the Cold War


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