Barcelona Poesia “Dossier” 2010 (MAY 12-20, 2010)

“Barcelona Poesia” is an international festival organized by the Barcelona City Council, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, that lasts one week and culminates in a special recital at one of UNESCO’s World Heritage buildings in Barcelona, the modernista Palau de la Música (“Palace of Music”, concert hall, This is the main event, far more important than the others, the whole Palau gets completely filled with public, and about 10 internationally renowned poets recite their poetry, obviously one by one. Sometimes there is a brief piano introduction before the poets recite. A book is published for the event, similar to the LitFest “Almanac”, but only for the Palau de la Música recital, with 5 to 7 poems by each poet, translated into Catalan and a brief biography. The festival is similar to the one in Lviv, but bigger and has ONLY and exclusively to do with POETRY.

This year, the Poetry Festival at Palau de la Música will be held on Thursday, 13 May, whereas the poetry week will be from the 12-20th May.

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