SPACLALS (NUS BRANCH) LITERARY FESTIVAL (Samoa). Pacific Literatures and the Blue Continent: Dreams and Realities

In the 20th Century, the dream of the Pacific was interrogated by many artists, writers and social scientists both from outside and inside the region. In the 21st century, Pacific islanders from the ‘blue continent’ are forced to re-examine the Pacific imaginary as they rise to face many challenges relating to the survival of their societies and cultures, given the tsunami of globalisation and the realities of sustainability, climate change, the empowerment of women and the survival of plural cultural identities amidst a post-colonial context of rapid change. These pressing issues are at the fore -front of local, regional and at times, even global media and are particular, focus research areas for those interested in Literatures and Languages as well as those engaged in the arena of Cultural Studies. This event invites participants to celebrate this festival theme and invites debate and performances from any relevant perspective.

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