Meuse Press

Meuse Press is an Australian Press publishing a range of “poetry outreach” projects in a number of media ranging from a literary magazine to poetry published on the surface of a river. Founded by Bill Farrow & Les Wicks. Mostly edited/curated by the poet Les Wicks, but others in editorial roles have included Bill Farrow, Geoff Aldridge, Grant Caldwell, Deidre Kelsall, Carol Chandler, Marvis Sofield & Barbara De Franceschi .

Initially it was an occasional magazine and an insert into other publications and anthologies. The first issue was in 1977. Publication of most of Australia’s leading poets of the time was accompanied by graphics and the magazine was a market leader in merging these two art forms.

From 1992 – 1999 Meuse published Artransit which put poetry/art collaborations on Newcastle and Sydney buses and ferries. This collection has been exhibited in London, New York, St Louis, Sydney (multiple times), Maroochydore and Brisbane. Historian Robert Holden has said “They engage a truly democratic audience. They impose themselves into locations usually reserved for advertising and mass consumption. They are immediate in their effect, and in the final analysis contribute to the vitalism of a public space.“…a singular surprise and delight…” Robert Holden.

In 2002, in conjunction with Don Gunn produced Heritage Light with Parramatta City Council. This series of banners, soundscapes and projected poetry sought to reconnect citizens with their city at night whilst simultaneously celebrating heritage Week. A key part was the publishing of a poem on the surface of the Parramatta River so that it appeared to float downstream. This was widely regarded as a world first.

1998-2003 Written in Sand was displayed in bus shelters across Waverley with council support. This was a project designed to capture a picture of the area – its people, landscapes and history – through poetry. 2009 saw the launch of the e-anthology “Guide to Sydney Beaches” aimed at an audience new to poetry. 2010 saw from this Broken Hill – a celebartion of the famous outback city.

From April 2000, Meuse has produced Australian Poetry Collaboration. This online ezine publishes poetry arising from events like festivals, workshops and tours within Australia (though one issue celebrated the Festival International de la Poesie).


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