Interview with Troy Southgate

for Kinovar, Russia. By Miron Fyodorav.

What are your views on natural rights? Is there such a thing as a right to life?

I don’t believe that anyone, man or beast, has a specific ‘right’ to life. That is not to suggest, on the other hand, that we shouldn’t continue to resist those who seek to exploit our labour in the factories and the fields, attempt to bleed us dry through the machinations of the international banking system, or cruelly torture innocent animals in the name of fashion or medical science. We hear a lot about ‘rights’, but never enough about duties. What about our responsibility to the environment, for example, or our duty to ensure the well-being of our children and not leave them vulnerable to the corrosive effects of the liberal ‘education’ system? But in short, nobody has a ‘right’ to anything. ‘Rights’ are purely contractual and can only be drawn up superficially. We know from experience, however, that just as weeds will overrun a beautiful garden, basic human nature ensures that even the best intentions inevitably come to nothing. This may sound very pessimistic, but these utopian liberal bubbles are there to be pricked.


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