Cosmin Perța (Romania)

În urmă nu mai e nimic, Polirom, 2015, novel – 200 pp (There is nothing left behind – synopsis)

After witnessing the death of his grandfather in an industrial accident, a boy of eleven undergoes a powerful existential crisis. He has only recently moved to the city and he has no friends to whom he can impart his pains and his fears. He cannot talk to his parents because they are always too busy and quarrel continuously. Within himself he is caught up in a constant battle with the devil’s daughter, who tells him he has not been baptized. Wishing to get away from everything and begin a new life, at the age of fourteen he leaves home. He arrives in Cluj, for a time he works in a second-hand bookshop, and then he goes to Vama Veche, on the Black Sea coast. Later, he goes to a monastery, where he is baptized. After his baptism, the devil’s daughter disappears, but not for long…

Arșița, Editura Paralela 45, 2019, novel – 132 pp (Scorching heat – synopsis)

In a city besieged by the colonel’s army, the monk Teofil tries to save two children, Viorica and Marcu, whom he brings from the mountains to Dr. Wolkonski’s safer house. The doctor, shocked by the atrocities of the soldiers on the front (rapes and murders), which he had attended as a military doctor, is now a cynic who has fallen into the passion of alcoholism. Sentenced to death, people no longer leave their homes, they live with the imminence of death in mind. Corpses of people and animals lie on the streets and a strange purple mist floats over the whole disaster, bringing with it new dangers. But there is hope, a possibility of escape, hidden deep under the doctor’s house. Will they be able to save themselves in time or is it just another scam? 

Cântec de leagăn pentru generația mea, Editura Paralela 45, 2018, poetry – 104 pp (Lullaby for my generation – presentation)

The five “lullabies for my generation” are obviously an antiphrase, because they are long poems of revolt, discursive, intense, caught between anger and bitter disappointment. 

The personal crisis always overlaps, in this volume, over the drama of a generation that began by revolt, but suffocated in routine, and which the poet convenes again on the ramp, in a splendid manifest poem. Strong book, almost shouted, lived book, but also literary chiseled (with echoes from the eighties poets, but also rough hip-hop rhythms), Lullaby for my generation is one of the best volumes of poetry of recent years.

Cosmin Perța was born in Viseu de Sus, Maramures, in 1982. He is a poet, prose writer, drama writer and essayist. He graduated from the Literature Faculty of the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj. He went on to take an MA in Contemporary Literature at Bucharest University, followed by a PhD with a thesis about the fantastic in East-European literature. His poems and fragments of his novels have been translated into eleven languages. In 2012 he was awarded the Best Young Romanian Prose Writer Prize. In the Romanian and foreign press there are more than three hundred reviews and references to his work. In the last ten years he has been awarded some of the most prestigious Romanian literary prizes.

Published works (books):
1. Arșița, Novel, Paralela 45 Publishing House, Pitești, 2019, 132 pp
2. Cântec de leagăn pentru generația mea, Poetry, Paralela 45 Publishing House, Pitești, 2018, 104 pp (rights sold to Prometeus, Novi Sad, Serbia)
3. Mon coeur a des coordonnees precises, Poetry, Editions La Traductiere, Paris, 2018, 130 pp
4. În urmă nu mai e nimic, Novel, Polirom, Iași, 2015, 200 pp (rights sold to Durieux, Zagreb, Croatia)
5. Vizita, Short stories, Herg Benet Publishing House, Bucharest, 2013, 110 pp
6. Teofil si cainele de lemn, Novel, Herg Benet Publishing House, Bucharest, 2012, 144 pp
7. Stick a nail in saxophone, Drama, Driesch Verlag, Austria, 2012
8. Sa impusti iepuri e bine aici, Drama, Liternet online Publishing House, Bucharest, 2012
9. Radu G. Teposu, rafinament si intuitie, Essay, Editura MNLR, Bucharest, 2012
10. Introducere in fantasticul de interpretare, Essay, Tracus Arte, Bucharest, 2011
11. Fără titlu, Poetry, Paralela 45 Publishing House, Piteşti, 2011
12. Două povestiri, Short stories, Tracus Arte, Bucharest, 2010
13. Bătrânul, o divină comedie, Poetry, Charmides, Bistriţa, 2009
14. Întâmplări la marginea lumii, Novel, Cartea Românească, Bucharest, 2007
15. Cântec pentru Maria, Poetry, Vinea, Bucharest, 2007
16. Santinela de lut, Poetry, Vinea, Bucharest, 2006
17. Zorovavel, Poetry, Grinta, Cluj-Napoca, 2002