Дмитро Лазуткін / Dmytro Lazutkin

Dmytro Lazutkin was born in Kyiv in 1978. He was educated as a metallurgy engineer and journalist. The author of the books: Дахи (Kyiv, Hopak, 2003), Солодощі для плазунів (Kyiv, Fakt, 2005), Паприка грез (Moscow, NLO, 2006), набиті травою священні корови (Kyiv, Smoloskyp, 2006), Бензин (Kyiv, Fakt,, 2008), Добрі пісні про поганих дівчат (Meridian Czernowitz, Kamyanets-Podilsky, 2012). Was awarded the literary prizes: «Смолоскип», «Гранослов», «Культреванш», «Літературний Олімп» and «Русская премия».


Іван Байдак / Ivan Baidak

Ivan Baidak is a Ukrainian writer, whose first book ‘Me Personally to You Personally’ has become a bestseller and is already well-known among the Ukrainian readers. He is a skilled prosaist, fiction is almost his lifestyle. Debut novel is written in unknown for Ukrainian literature form of hypertext, so the author gave readers the opportunity to become their own story writer. The book of short stories “Role games” fully revealed


Eugenia Senik / Євгенія Сенік

Eugenia Senik was born in Lugansk, in the very east of Ukraine. Nowadays this is a territory, occupied by Russia. So author remain without her ‘small motherland’, trying to do everything possible to take her land safely back. Eugenia graduated from Lugansk national university. Currently she lives in Lviv in the west of Ukraine. Works in social journal ‘Prosto neba’. As a fiction authors pays much attention to the contemporary