Eugenia Senik (Ukraine)

Eugenia Senik was born in Lugansk, in the very east of Ukraine. Nowadays this is a territory, occupied by Russia. So author remain without her ‘small motherland’, trying to do everything possible to take her land safely back. Eugenia graduated from Lugansk national university. Currently she lives in Lviv in the west of Ukraine. Works in social journal ‘Prosto neba’. As a fiction authors pays much attention to the contemporary social problems.

przepraszam_cover_web-239x300‘Przepraszam, teach me silence’

The novel Przepraszam, teach me silence is impressively actual today, in the times of political instability and wars. The novel deals with the relationship between girl and boy. She is Ukrainian, he is Polish. In the context of their relationship develops complicated constellation of hard points as patriotism, love to the motherland, love in general and globally. On the highest level of text meaning reader finds the concept of love, that is the main dimension of the human soul and its’ base.

Eugenia Senik says, ‘It’s very important for human young or adult to find and recognize anything that makes his heart ache and feel the world around more sensually. That one, which is in the same frequescy as the soul is… And one has to be brave enough to live his life independetly’.

Language of the book is soft and easy understandable, sometimes with phrases in Polish. This is a story that could be interesting for the most readers, who look for the intelectual text of good taste and style.

Fiction. Published in 2013.
Original language: Ukrainian. 212 pages.

Author’s photo by © Ostap Yurko

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